Message of the Rector

Tel Aviv University is Israel's largest and most multidisciplinary research university. Accordingly, it is determined to lead in all fields of academic activity, in both research and education, and utilize its great impact for the benefit of Israeli society.


Research and teaching at TAU are conducted within the framework of nine Faculties: Medicine, Life Sciences, Exact Sciences, Engineering, Arts, Management, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law. Most Faculties consist of several Schools and Departments, supporting a range of study programs and backing a vast array of research disciplines.


However, while the internal division into well-defined disciplines reflects an illustrious, longstanding academic and administrative tradition, TAU attaches great importance to encouraging synergy between different academic disciplines. Thus, the university supports activities that break through traditional boundaries, and harnesses multidisciplinary diversity to generate innovation in research and education. This approach is manifested in the establishment of many research centers superseding the nine-Faculty framework, as well as the development of innovative study programs combining diverse academic disciplines.


TAU's ultimate goals remain as steadfast as ever: serving as an incubator for original, creative and critical thinking, and equipping graduates with the tools to compete and lead in all areas of science, technology, art, culture and society in Israel and worldwide.


Always aspiring for excellence in research, TAU recruits young faculty members who have proven themselves as researchers of rare potential, and supports them as they mature and take their place among the world's top researchers.


Our faculty members' dedication and excellence in research enables them to equip their students with the most up-to-date knowledge, combined with profound insights – a unique added value that distinguishes them from teachers who are not involved in research.


We regard it as our duty to support all our students and do our best to bring them to the finish line with no compromise on the quality of teaching. At the same time, considerable emphasis is placed on nurturing outstanding students, and guiding them toward graduate studies and challenging, prestigious professional tracks. All in all, studies at TAU are designed to present every student with challenges that will enable him/her to realize his/her potential.   At the same time, we strive to make sure that the highest grades are given to a relatively small group of particularly outstanding students.


TAU fosters equal opportunities for Israel's socioeconomic periphery and other disadvantaged sectors. In addition, it strives to enhance its ties with the community by encouraging students to help populations in need. It also assumes social responsibility for making education and academic contents accessible to the general public, via cultural events and lectures, as well as the internet and the social media.


In recent years TAU has chosen to emphasize internationality on campus, opening programs taught in the English language and bringing in growing numbers of foreign graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. This international quality promotes TAU's status as an institution of research and higher education, while the presence of foreign students expands the horizons of Israeli students and creates a lively, pulsating atmosphere on campus.

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