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About the Center for Teaching Advancement

TAU's faculty members are, first and foremost, outstanding researchers, sharing their accumulated knowledge with their students, and driving them towards further in-depth studies. The Center for Teaching Advancement, operated by the Rector's office, strives to enhance students' learning experience by improving lecturers' teaching skills, and providing TAU teachers with a vast range of pedagogical tools.


Activities for improving the quality of teaching derive from the extensive knowledge and experience amassed at university teaching centers worldwide, as well as studies on academic teaching carried out by the professional international community. Workshops offered by the Center are designed to elevate lecturers' awareness with regard to different aspects of teaching, while equipping them with effective teaching skills and tools for student assessment. At their request, lecturers and teaching assistants may also receive personal guidance and support from the Center's professional consultants. In addition, the Center for Teaching Advancement provides services to deans, heads of academic units and appointment committees at TAU.


Student satisfaction questionnaires

Anonymous online satisfaction questionnaires, filled in by students toward the end of every semester, are among the Center's main tools. In these surveys, learners grade both courses and lecturers on a range of features, such as organization, clarity, interest, availability and conduct toward students. Thus, by highlighting both strengths and weaknesses in every lecturer's performance, the questionnaires serve as an effective tool for improving teaching quality. Moreover, they enable students to base their choice of courses and lecturers on their peers' opinions.


Outstanding lecturers

Based on the student satisfaction questionnaires, TAU annually elects its outstanding senior and junior lecturers. Every outstanding lecturer receives an excellence certificate from the Rector, at a special ceremony held on campus.


The Center for Teaching Advancement is headed by Prof. Fadia Nasser Abu Alhija.


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