Young faculty fellowships


Alon Fellowships

The Alon Fellowships, named for the late Yigal Alon, who served as Minister of Education and Chairman of the Council for Higher Education in Israel, aim to enable Israeli universities to recruit outstanding young scientists. The fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis, with personal excellence as the key yardstick, and no specified quotas per university.


The Fellowships are covered for three years by the Council's Planning & Budgeting Committee, following which the universities are required to employ their Alon Fellows, and include their wages in the regular budget. In this way, the Fellows' place in Israeli universities is ensured. Financially, each Fellowship is equal to the regular pay for the Fellow's rank upon entering the university (Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Associate Professor, as a first fulltime position).



Maof Fellowships

The purpose of the Maof Fellowships is to encourage the inclusion of outstanding lecturers from the Arab sector in Israeli universities. The program is funded equally by the Planning & Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education, and by the Kahanoff Foundation. Fellows are selected by a sub-committee of the Planning & Budgeting Committee, and appointed to positions of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer or Associate Professor, as a first appointment in an Israeli institution. Fellowships are provided for three consecutive years, covering the cost of the position at the relevant academic rank. The institutions must undertake to include the funding of these positions as part of their regular budgets, once the three Fellowship years are over.



Azrieli Fellowships

Azrieli Fellowships aim to develop the future leadership of Israeli research, based on academic excellence and outstanding research abilities. The Fellowships are available to researchers from all disciplines, and candidates are assessed according to their ability to contribute to innovation in their respective fields; aspects of talent and personal leadership are also taken into consideration. Every year a small number of Fellowships are awarded to young researchers, who are required, in addition to their academic work, to share the spirit of the Azrieli Foundation with the community – by giving lectures at least once a year, and taking part in events sponsored by the program (such as seminars).



For further information please contact Ms. Renana Han at the TAU Rector's office,



Alon Fellows



  • Dr. Guy Darshan – Faculty of Humanities, Hebrew Culture Studies
  • Dr. Dor Salomon – Faculty of Medicine, Clinical Microbiology & Immunology



  • Dr. Avner Wishnitzer – Faculty of Humanities, Middle Eastern & African History
  • Dr. Einat  Shetreet – Faculty of Humanities, Linguistics
  • Dr. Renana Bartal – Faculty of the Arts, Art History
  • Prof. Alexander Sodin – Faculty of Exact Sciences, Mathematical Sciences
  • Dr. Pavel Ginzburg – Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Engineering
  • Dr. Shiri Chechik – Faculty of Exact Sciences, Computer Science



Maof Fellows



  • Dr. Raja Giryes – Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Engineering



Azrieli Fellows


  • Dr. Amit Sitt – Faculty of Exact Sciences, Physical Chemistry
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